4 Essentials to Keep in Mind, While Buying Air Conditioners

An air conditioner is a home appliance system, specifically designed to remove heat from a particular area. With the global warming reaching to its zenith, the demand is taking a higher toll. There are certain shortcomings of an AC. An AC is highly power consuming so the electricity bill tends rise high. There is also a lot of noise if the filters are not cleaned properly and it is indeed a herculean task. So one should be extremely careful while buying an AC and keep these points in mind.AC

  •  Energy Efficiency – It is important to keep in mind that AC tends to consume a lot of electricity. It is extremely painful to a get large amount of electricity to keep your machine working. So nowadays anew scheme has started whereby the energy efficiency is measured in terms of the number of stars. Nowadays we do get these AC’s with 3 stars or 5 stars. These indirectly provide us with the guarantee that it is energy efficient.
  • Cooling Capacity – the capability of a machine to cool an area is measured in terms of British Thermal Units (BTU). Thus, higher the BTU more is the cooling power. But it is worthless picking up an AC with a high BTU when you wish to fit it in your drawing room. Thus, these days, companies have come up with better technologies that sense the surrounding temperature and adjust the cooling effect accordingly. These technologies include Auto Climate technology; Auto Humid technology; Kaimin which adjusts the cooling in the night time accordingly. So while purchasing an AC, always look out for these technologies.
  • Installation Requirements – If you have plans to buy Window AC, you have to make sure that there is enough space in your house to fit in the AC. Some AC’s require special wiring and the installation of a metal shell. The location of the window is also important for if the window is not located at a proper angle, the cooling effect will not circulate properly around the room. Many AC’s have this four way air distribution system.
  • Cleaning – A lot of air tend to in and out of the vents. Even the air we breathe out is full of dust and particulate matter. So after a while the vents are clogged with a lot of dust and greasy substance. This is soon accompanied by an obnoxious stench. Try looking for AC’s that an auto cleaning facility and a ground breaking auto cleaning feature that cleans the AC after every 10 cumulative running hours.



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