32 Windows 8 Tablets to be launched this year

I never considered tablets as full featured devices that you could really do everything that you can do with a laptop or a desktop. Android is the main operating system for the current generation of tablets all around the world other than the iOS for iPads and no matter how advanced it is, it cannot be called as a professional operating system.  To me an Android tablet is just like a big smartphone which you cannot make calls with. Android may be good for browsing and it may have features but it is not a mature operating system like Microsoft windows which brings me to the main topic of this article; Windows 8 Tablets.

This year there are going to be 32 tablets powered by Windows 8 RT operating system. Windows 8 with the metro interface, app store, multi-touch features, Microsoft Office and an on-screen keyboard is the perfect operating system for a tablet. The well reputed full featured Windows 8 RT on a tablet will make this device a beast. Imagine a tablet with all the features of a desktop computer or a laptop. It gets very tempting when your desktop PC, your Ultrabook and your tablet have the same operating system. Indeed very tempting.

Companies that already have a strong platform in the tablet market such as Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Samsung etc will be coming up with 32 new tablets later this year. These tablets will all run the Windows 8 RT. Windows 8 RT is a version of Microsoft Windows 8 which has specifically been designed for tablet devices.

It has not been specified how much a Tablet running Windows 8 would cost but approximately it will be somewhere between $300 to $1000.



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