27 Days To Go And Oops! Monkeys Are Here

The countdown has begun for the much awaited Common Wealth Games 2010 in the capital city of India, New Delhi. Only 27 days to go and here we are surrounded by problems all over again. Why we don’t learn from our previous mistakes? It is an honour for our country to organise the CWG but are we able to fulfil all the requirements to manage this huge event properly on time. After the dengue and other mosquito things now comes the rodent and monkeys to worse the scenario in the coming CWGs preparations. Organisers and politicians are pointing to each other’s nose but the problems are here.

Health officials said the site selection is wrong. It is a natural habitat of mosquitoes and rodents.  The Health Committee chairman Dr. V. K. Mongia said we saw 15 monkeys roaming around the games village today. The rodents and mosquitoes were not enough to show the loopholes in managing events that is why God sent monkeys to double the problems of CWG organisers or to teach them a lesson for not performing their duties honestly. The contaminated water, food even air can spread diseases like plague and typhus. Now it is said that the Yamuna site for CWG games village is really wrong.  So how early we came to know about it? Just 28 days before the mega event we came to know about the habitats. We analyse all pros and cons even before opening a little grocery shop and we didn’t do it when we are organising CWG.

Last time also we heard so many negative things or I should say we have seen the delay in everything connected to the CWG like from road work, transportation to hotel construction. All local people witnessed to the suffering due to unbelievable time taking road work. Who is responsible? Politics, corruption or Indian standard timings or may be a list of reasons. A huge amount of funds that is enough to build roads across India was not enough to build roads in the games city. Where did the fund go? Everybody knows but no one bothered to take steps against it.

India is infamous among Indians for ISD (Indian Standard Time) that is perceived to be being late and we are proving it to be true through Common Wealth Games preparations. Why not we try to change the image of India? Is it that difficult to manage time and that to for such a huge event? A handful of politicians are making the whole image and millions & millions people are just sitting, watching, reading news, criticising, ignoring everything like blindfolded. Why don’t we do something? Stop the blaming game and act now before it is too late. After all it is our country too that gives us everything we need to survive. It is our time to give a little to our mother land. Lets come together, raise our voice and make India more respectable and better place for ourselves as well as for others.



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