2012 DA14 causes injuries in Russia

An approximate diameter of 50 meters and mass of 190,000 metric tons, a space rock was discovered on 23rd February, 2013 and named 2012 DA14 by the astronomers.  It was predicted that this flyby may hit the earth today but fortunately our planet is save from this catastrophic blow. But contradictory to the prophecy, the meteorites of this asteroid has regrettably attacked the mountainous region of Russia, Ural causing injuries to more than 500 people. The meteor shower resembled as burning rocks falling from the sky. Each meteor was estimated size of 10 tons.


The brunt wave destroyed several buildings and shattered the glass windows. The intensity of the blow was recorded to be massive but as per the current status, more than 500 people are hospitalized, out of which above 100 casualties are children.

The residents were shocked by huge explosions, shaking grounds and car alarms were being set off during the sky fall. Huge trails of smoke were visible across the sky.

The space agencies are gathering information and data about this sudden astronomic disaster and are still determining the definite reason behind this impulsive and unpredicted meteor shower. Emergency Ministry said that 20,000 rescue workers are operating in Russia.

According to the earlier news, NASA had predicted that this flyby would be in the nearest distance to the earth on February 15th but would have no earth impact. The asteroid was spotted at distance of 27,300 kms from earth that is nearly tenth distance between the earth and the moon.

However, according to the Russian news reports (based on the Russian time zone), the massive hit took place a day before the predicted blow date.





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