20 Household Tips That Really Help!

A good tip is quite handy when it comes to home management. Following are 20 household tips that gives you a helping hand.

1. Soak potatoes and eggplant in salted water to avoid discoloration.

2. Remove stems of green chillies to preserve it for a longer period of time.

3. To keep ants away, put pieces of camphor in ant-infested areas.

4. To clean bronze articles, dip tamarind in water until it becomes a little pulpy. Apply pulp to the article, it will give a new polished look.

5. To remove crayon marks place an absorbent paper on the stain. With iron on low heat slowly press the paper taking care not to melt it. On removing the paper, stain will also come off.

6. Consume more of fenugreek leaves to avoid becoming anemic.

7. Add oil to separate grains of cooked rice that have become sticky.

8. To remove food stain from fingers rub it with potato pieces.

9. Coffee powder remains fresh for long when refrigerated.

10.Drink plenty of water to remove wrinkles around the lip.

11.Apply Vitamin–E oil to reduce stretch marks.

12.To remove excess salt from any food item, just chop potatoes and drop them into it.It will absorb the excess salt.

13.In case of oil spills, immediately put rice flour on it. We can easily scrape it off after drying.

14.Cut onions into two halves and put it in water or refrigerate it before cutting to avoid eye-watering.

15.To cure dry cough eat roasted pepper balls.

16.To avoid browning of apples apply lemon juice to it. It will also add a tangy taste to the apple.

17.Do not throw away water after cooking vegetables. It can be used in soups and gravies.

18.Before boiling milk, add cold water to the utensil so that milk doesn’t stick to its bottom.

19.To remove collar stains apply shampoo to it, scrub and then rinse.

20.To stop itching of skin after a mosquito bite, apply soap and wash out.

If you have a good tip, share it with us!




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