10dulkar’s Top 10 Unbeatable Records – Aaila Sachin!!!

Cricket is a religion in India and when it comes to worshipping, there is undoubtedly only one ‘God of Cricket’ that is the ‘Little Master’, Sachin Tendulkar. Have you ever felt the presence of God? Well, when the cricket fans watch their god performing, they just get engrossed in him. He is one striking personality, who definitely needs no introduction. Sachin, the man of the moment is certainly one the finest sportsperson of his generation who has miraculously played for our country. This little man brings a big blast when he hit shots with his bat. When Sachin comes on crease, the crowd in the stadium goes crazy and roars ‘Saaacchhiinn Saacchin!!!!’ He is the man with incredible fame and zero ego, which make him the most loved and respected celeb. However offensive, the opposition cricketer would be, Sachin would remain calm and let his bat speak for him. Performing exceptionally well is just such a mediocre statement for this Master Blaster, this is the reason why Sachin Tendulkar is a role model and inspiration to perhaps all the aspiring cricketers. His ferocious square cut, heavenly straight drive, excellent cover drive and when he lifts his bat to hit a massive six keeps the mouth of the spectators wide open in astonishment. Sachin

Sachin himself believes that records are meant to be broken, but this world-class cricketer has set some unbelievable records which surely cannot be broken. There is no single record book of cricket in which this legendary cricketer’s name is not mentioned. Whenever Sachin’s enters the ground, he is likely to create some new record and the crowd is guaranteed with astounding entertainment but alas this enthusiasm and Sachin fever is coming to an end as the little master have declared his retirement.

To bid farewell to this iconic personality, let’s recall some great and unbeatable records of Sachin Tendulkar:

Scored the highest number of runs:
This position was for certain period in name of Australian player, Ricky Ponting but how long can Sachin be away from this prestigious title of the highest runs scorer. Tendulkar holds the record of scoring maximum number of runs by any team cricketer.

Highest number of centuries:
Tendulkar also famously known as Tondulkar is one awwweessoome player who has set a record of scoring maximum 100s. Scoring hundred 100s is just a dream but Sachin has turned this into reality. It seemed so easy for this cricketer to score such whooping runs but it is an impossible record to break.

Cricketer who played the most number of matches:
He showered his love for cricket at an early age of 11 and played his first test at the age of 16, since then it was no looking back for Sachin. Now this man has completed 24 successful years in game of cricket. His charisma was, is and always will stay inevitable, even if his glorious innings have come to an end. He spent almost 8 years of his life on cricket ground (this includes ODIs and test matches, well there is separate count for T20 and Ranji) Even though his career duration was too long, Sachin always remained a consistent player.milestone

Highest Number of 4s:
When the Umpire used to wave his hands for four, the crowd would scream on top of their voices to show their thrill. The number of 4s hit by Sachin seems to be fantasy. Sachin has hit maximum number of 4s till date. Well the man is still playing his last test innings, so the count is still on.

Highest World Cup run scorer:
Now this is one record which will certainly remain unbreakable. Sachin is one spectacular player who has been part of maximum number of world cups. Playing for 6 world cups is seriously a very big achievement for any cricketer. Right from the first world cup under captainship of Mohammad Azharuddin to the last one under the captainship of MS Dhoni, Sachin has seen many sides of World Cup. His prolong participation has given rise to another record of scoring maximum number of runs in world cup. Sachin has scored around 2278 runs in world cup matches.

A man who has achieved highest number of Man of the Matches as well as Man of the Series:
“The Man of the Match goes to the Little Master, Sachin Tendulkar” or “The Man of the Series goes to the Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar”, Sachin must have almost been on stage for more than half of his career life. He must be having a separate home for all his awards and recognitions. The innumerable achievements and acclaims never made this man overconfident or bigheaded, he always remained modest due to which he was admired more. Sachin has been awarded with maximum number of Man of the Matches and Man of the Series, till now.

Highest number of half centuries:
When Sachin raises his bat for his fantastic 50 runs, even our heads would raise with proud. If this sports icon can set a record of scoring maximum number of 100s then scoring highest 50 is just a cakewalk for him. Sachin holds highest number of 50s (this includes his final test series too).Sachu

Unbeatable partnership in ODI:
India v/s New Zealand, 1999 ODI Match, how can anybody forget this striking series where we saw the unbreakable partnership between the two twinkling cricket stars, Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid. Partnership of 331 runs is one such record that nobody dared to break till date.
Played in more than 90 stadiums:
Now if the person is playing cricket for 24 year, then it is a quite known fact that he must have been seen most of the stadiums around the world. Sachin has showed his charm of batting in more than 90 stadiums around the world.

Nervous nineties:
Even the world-class cricketer like Sachin was a target of Nervous Nineties. Though it is not a record to be applauded for but Sachin did not leave this spot too. Sachin got almost 18 times dismissed in nineties which also a record indeed.

Destiny’s Own Child, Sachin Tendulkar is the most worshipped sportsperson. With countless achievements, Sachin has won millions of heart too. Even though his magnificent journey has come to an end, Sachin Tendulkar would remain eternal and forever be remembered as God of Cricket. As a nation, we are privileged to have Sachin Tendulkar and will linger in our hearts, forever and ever and ever……



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