10 Tips to Maintain Your Car

The owner of a car would know the value of the car he possesses in the very true sense. For some people, it gets very precious to handle. But, while you cannot always control its insurance rates, the cost of petrol or diesel and also its repair costs, it is important to know some tips as to how to make your car last longer and maintain its durability and value for a longer time. Either spend money on a new care every 3-4 years or maintain the same car and help it run great and look better and sharper. Here are some tips if you want to go for the latter.

1. Get it checked when in doubt: when you car acts up between maintenance or starts giving shocks just after you have got its regular and normal servicing done, don’t just hope and sit for the issue to go away. Even when the Check Engine button is not lit, it is always better to get it checked even if you sense the slightest odd behavior from your car. Better to get it auto checked and spend little time at the shop than putting in loads and loads of money for repairs later after the situation gets worsened.

2. Use the right oil: Never over think and apply your own genius brains when it comes to the oil to be used in the car. If the car manual asks you to go for a particular brand of oil, just realize that it is not some stupid advertising stunt but it actually means that your car would run best with that brand oil.

3. Know your car stats: It is very necessary to keep a tab of the fluid level and tire pressures of your car at regular intervals. You are less likely to get caught by surprise if you keep a proper regular check over your car’s lights and other minor engine automations.

4. Follow the manual: Follow the engine and transmission maintenance recommendations given in the manual as they would assure the long life of your car and save you money in the very long run. It would take little of your time regularly but following them would save money pouring out of your pockets later on in future.

5. Keep it cool: It is very important to maintain your car’s cooling level and making sure that the engine is well lubed and not so heated up as checking the welfare of your engine would help you save thousands of bucks in future. The minor activities like changing the air filter helps your car breathe easy and help the engine last longer.

6. Drive smarter: The way you drive your car also has a drastic effect over the performance of your car. It determines how long your car and the gas of your car would last, helping it to perform efficiently. Good driving habits always ensure the sustainability of the car in the long run, besides checking for the minor engine faults regularly in the car.

7. Keep your car clean: Taking care of the exterior of the car by regularly washing and waxing it is another way for a healthier life of the car. It not only makes it look cleaner and shinier, but the car also looks presentable once the interiors of the car is also cleaned and treated and get the spills out of the car carpets immediately as later they get difficult to remove.

8. Prepare for the seasons: Winters and summers are said to be most demanding on the car’s batteries, coolant, tires and other pressure areas. Therefore, it is important to keep your car ready, be it in the freezing winters, or the summer road trips.

9. Wash, Rinse and Repeat: Make it a regular and everyday schedule of washing the car and rinsing it. It would remove the everyday dirt that gets collected in the interior and exteriors of the car. Many people do wash their cars, but it is necessary to make this habit a routine and making a proper schedule for it.

10: Keep It covered: To save the car from rather more dirt and other upsetting activities, keep your car covered when not in use. Also, avoid keeping the car out in the harsh sunlight, and the car needs to be covered not only for bird dropping and tree sap, but it also minimizes the activities of theft. Also park your car in the garage or your parking space.

Keeping your car maintained will not only make it last longer but also will make it much more pleasant to drive  which will make you want to take better care of it.




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