10 Simple Ways to Naturally Increase Your Energy

Sound Sleep:
Maintaining a perfect balance between your work and sleep is ‘the’ best way to boost up your energy in the most natural way possible. But what we are talking about here is, “Sound Sleep”. It is scientifically proven that even a single ray of light entering your room while you’re sleeping tends to interfere with your sleep. So, prefer a sleeping mask in case your room isn’t pitching dark.

Consume more of ‘brain food’:
A major part of our brain being mere fats, it insulates billions of nerve cells. So, in order to energise your brain the right way, every cell must be insulated more efficiently; this can be skilfully done by consuming more of ‘brain food’ like fish and green leafy vegetables. So, energise yourselves by eating healthy.

Middle meal, the biggest
Have a heavy intake in the mid-day meal, for the maximum activation of the digestion process in our body is during that time in specific. Therefore, it releases in much more of energy in the body if you incorporate a heavy meal in your lunch instead of dinner.

A 10 minute walk:
A 10 minute morning walk is the next best way to enhance your energy masterfully. The idea behind this is to combine the fresh air and a little physical exercise which is an ideal way to get your blood rushing to the brain, activating all the cagey brain cells.

Drink lots of water:
Drink at least 2-3 litres of water each day. It is a must and is directly associated to energy boosting because every time our body feels dehydrated, the mind tends to send messages of tiredness so that we do not lose on the remaining little energy we have. So follow the golden rule; whenever you feel thirsty, quench it with loads of water.

No more energy sappers?:
Do not take excess of sugars because they tend to result in plummeting energy levels. Next, do not drink more than one cup of coffee a day; it initially does help you gain energy but burns out in case excess of it is consumed. Try and eat at least 6-7 almonds every morning, a perfect protein cum energy pack.

Giving yourself 20 minutes of quality time everyday to introspect what happened through the day, followed by thanking God for all the strength He bestowed on you, surely injects in an enormous amount of energy in your body and soul. Try it if you haven’t till date!

Phone a friend!
It has been showcased in a lot of reliable surveys that calling somebody whom you love talking too energises you to an extent that’s truly unimaginable. So the next time you feel drowsy and have loads to do, just pick up your phone and call up someone special you’d love to talk and vent out your feelings to.

Splash it up!
Splashing considerably cold water on your face and pulsating wrists can get you back into the same energy mode most often. You can also have a glass of cold water to further enhance the effect.

Some amazing tips for you that instantly boost your energy and shoo away your fatigue
Sound weird? Sure, yes! Work efficiently? Sure, yes!
1. Pull down your earlobes.
2. Rub your mouth’s roof with your tongue.
3. Laugh out loud!



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