9 romantic gift ideas for valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is nearing and if you think roses and chocolates are for the boring, here is a list of gift ideas that you can consider.

1. A calendar with your photos on every month
This is a gift to convey the message of how you look forward to spending every month of every year with your loved one.With a photo of the both of you and a caption for every month , this gift is inexpensive and lovable at the same time.You can avail this from photo or print studios.

2. Cute medals and trophies
One of the most innovative gifts is to engrave her name or phrases like “ #1 boyfriend/girlfriend”, on a medal or maybe on a huge trophy.You can avail this from many sports shops.

3. homemade dinner
This is one of the gifts that your loved one will treasure for a long time especially when the man cooks for a woman in a relationship. Cooking an exciting 3 meal course and making versions of your partner’s favourite dishes.

4. compilation of favourite songs
You could compile her favourite songs into a c.d or a usb.These could be songs she can’t stop listening to or special songs you both have memories with. You can put the cd into a nice personalized cd cover with a message

5. a tattoo of the other person’s name
For couples who have already celebrated innumerable valentine’s day and have run out of gift ideas, this is what you’re looking for.Getting the name of your valentine or his/her initials in any preferred design or look is a way of letting the other know that you’re in if for life.

6. holiday
If you’re willing to splurge What better way than to take your loved one to a popular holiday destination or somewhere one of you have always wanted to visit. To ensure that the vacation doesn’t turn out to be a disaster , make sure you select the destination according to the prevalent weather conditions. Also

7. Naming a star
‘Getting the stars for your loved one’ isn’t just a clichéd non-practical phrase.It’s actually possible! With sites like www.nameastar .com and www.starregistry.com, you can actually name a star after your special someone for an attractive price.

8. Rings
Another idea is to get rings for each other with your names engraved on it.If you’re running low on cash and can’t afford gold or silver ,

9. Your book
A very innovative idea is making a book that talks about your story.It could include chapters like how you met , special or memorable moments you spent with each and could be illustrated with pictures.




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