10 most useful Google Tools

Google has numerous useful tools which are very helpful to the users. Google is considered to be great company as it does not have any evil rules and they make life easier for the users. Some of the tools that help the users include Gmail (Google mail), Google Chrome, Google Analytics, Google Reader, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Docs (Google documents), Google Agenda, Google Friend Connect, Google Adwords (Keyword tool), and Google Translate (Language Tool). Here we have listed top 10 Google tools in details and descriptions: –

1. Gmail – This tool is considered as one of Google’s best and most useful tools. Gmail has a quick interface and it is very user friendly. Its spam filter is very effective. Gmail has a storage capacity of 7.4 GB which is more than adequate. There is also a chat available on Google mail which has great functionality.

2. Google Chrome – Google chrome, according to me is the best and most efficient browser. It is lighter than other browsers with more functions. There is a tab system in Google chrome which has been done perfectly. You can also manage you bookmarks and pages that you view most often.

3. Google Analytics – This tool is the best analytics solution available and it is free for websites who have less than 5 million page views per month or those who have an Adwords account. By using Google Analytics you can find out about number of page views and the traffic that your website has in the form of number metrics and graphs. You can even make reports and analysis through this internet tool.

4. Google Reader – Google reader is an internet tool which can also work offline with all downloaded article in advance.  This application also has social networking features such as commenting and sharing favorite articles.

5. Google Webmaster Tools – This tool is quite necessary for webmasters as you can manage all your websites through it. You can verify your sites and see how many pages are linked to your websites and what key words are of higher significance to you.

6. Google Documents – Google Docs is actually an online application which helps the user create and share documents, presentations etc. You can share the created documents with anyone who has a Google Account. Google Docs is a very powerful feature and it has various uses. You can edit any kind of document in Google docs.

7. Google Agenda – By using Google Agenda you can keep your appointments in track and you can also create events and share the information with anyone who has a Google account.

8. Google Friend Connect – This is a social networking feature of Google in which you can create a community around your website.

9. Google Adwords – Google Adwords, keyword tool is an online application on Google which allows the user to find most searched keywords based on a specified title by the user.

10. Google Translate – This is a language tool which can translate a script from any language to another.



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