10 most beautiful tropical islands you should not miss

Whether you’re a honeymooner, beach bum, scuba diving enthusiast or just looking for sun fun in the tropical sun we list the top ten most beautiful tropical islands that you should definitely not miss.


The Island of the Gods, Bali is an Indonesian tropical island paradise beyond compare, consistently named one of the world’s best islands year after year. Warm climes, exotic beaches, azure waters and breath-taking views make it a paradise on earth. The yearlong tropical climate makes Bali a perfect surf spot. Cheap and delicious food for all palettes, friendly people, beautiful temples and even a volcano, come together to make Bali a tropical island paradise.


Lying amidst the bejewelled blue waters of the Andaman Sea, Phuket is the largest island of Thailand, one of the top tropical island destinations in the world. Phuket offers premier beaches, beautiful weather, gushing waterfalls, large aquariums, a freshwater fishing park, theme parks and a butterfly garden and insect world. Swimming, snorkelling, parasailing, and diving are just a few of the popular water sports to be indulged in. Amazing Thai eats and some relaxing retail therapy round off a wonderful island experience.

Long Island in the Andamans 

Pure white beaches, bluest waters, swaying coconut palms, emerald evergreen forests and sizzling tropical climes makes this Indian island one of the most beautiful tropical islands across the globe.

Bora Bora

Possibly the most famous tropical island in the world, Bora Bora, located in beautiful French Polynesia, is heaven on earth.What you can expect at Bora Bora are luxury resorts par excellence, beauteous bungalows built over its blue waters, snorkelling, scuba diving, a gorgeous lagoon and lovely food. It is truly a jewel of the Pacific.

Koh Lipe

The smallest of Thailand’s islands, hidden away in the Andaman Sea, Koh Lipe is surrounded by deep blue waters, vibrant coral reefs and a host of enchanting marine creatures. You may indulge in diving, snorkelling and swimming among the lovely sea creatures.

Hamilton Island

A premier island resort, off east coast of Australia, the fine wining and dining, plentiful flora and fauna, brilliant blue water, glorious beaches and numerous touristic activities make it well worth your time.


Nestled in the heart of the Indian ocean is luxury hotspot the Maldives. A timeless beauty it stands adjacent to the natural beauty of ancient corals reefs and tall volcanoes. Stunning lagoons, clear skies and waters, great diving and snorkelling opportunities all year round, delicious cuisine and deluxe accommodations makes it a not to be missed destination.

Fiji Islands

The Fiji Islands, set among the sapphire waters of the South Pacific, are extremely popular cruise destinations. Sultry, exotic and idyllic, take a dip in the crystal waters, discover colourful coral while snorkelling or diving, take kayak trips for an experience with a difference or indulge in typical island activities such as hat and basket weaving.

Cook Islands

A group of marvelous South Pacific Islands, they are the perfect tropical escape from the cares of everyday life. Unspoiled greeneryand beautiful secluded beaches, the Cook Islands are the ideal getaway.

Frégate Island

Romantic, exclusive and idyllic, Frégate Island, a private island in the Seychelles, is known for its luxe accommodations and is a noted snorkelers’ paradise. Only one of two islands in the world to be home to wild giant tortoises, you may immerse yourself in gorgeous beauty, luxurious living and fine cuisine at Frégate Island.





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