10 Luxury Cars I Admire

Having a car is almost everyone’s dream, if not atleast mine. Luxury cars have become the fad in today’s world. They are expensive and classy. Luxury cars are sheer pieces of wonderful art. Right from the way they are designed to the power of their engine, they are admired almost by everyone. Here is the list of some cars which I feel would win your heart at the first glance.


1. 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4: This is the newest flagship super car of Lamborghini. This stunning looking model is capable of reaching speeds of 217 mph on the top end, breaking to 60mph in a blinding 2.8 seconds. Everything from the wheels to the back replaces the Lamborghini Murceilago as Aventador remains unmatched.

2. Ford EVOS Concept Car: Ford has always been known to have a bubbly and chirpy yet classic look to their luxury car, but EVOS breaks all the rules, with a stunning aggressive look to it. The Ford EVOS features a cloud-focused information system that customizes itself to the owner’s driving habits, gathers Intel on local weather and traffic. This design is very catchy with sharp edges and gull wing doors, which would make one lust for this car.

3. Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang: Known as one of the fastest cars, Bugatti EB Veyron 16.4 Pur Sang had sold six cars in its first public sale itself. Having a body shell made of an extremely pure aluminum alloy, this appealing and attractive car will grace the skin of the most exclusive car in the world. This car is anything but not disappointing with its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.

4.  Lamborghini Reventon: This is one masterpiece among all other Lamborghini supercars. Only 20 pieces of Reventon was manufactured, sold each at a million euro. It is a Murceilago with improved designs and characteristics. It is a super class car with improved aerodynamics and excellent acceleration features. Though limited pieces of this car was witnessed, it still remains truly revolutionary.

5. Rolls Royce Phantom: The Rolls Royce phantom is an ultra luxury sedan with classy looks and advanced technologies. This sedan built on an aluminum space frame, has a number of unique features. These include reverse-hinged rear “suicide doors,” pop-out umbrellas hidden in the doors, a retractable hood ornament and much more to it. Painstakingly manufactured, this car has ensured a high quality service and being very appealing in it look, it has lived up to an unmatched exotic car status.

6. Pagani Huayra: The Huayra is a new flagship of the Italian car manufacturer Pagani. With its style bordering on the eccentric, it has a classy serious yet smart look to it with excellent aerodynamics. .  It’s not your overly angular Lamborghini, it’s not your curvy Porsche, it’s not your bulbous Bugatti, it is just a genuine Pagani, a wonderful one of a kind piece.

7. Mercedes SLR McLaren: One of the most iconic supercars in the recent history, Mercedes SLR oozes with appeal. It has a fascinating front hood design with double headlights, making it very eye catching during the evenings and nights. The set of alloy wheels add even more of a stylish substance to what is  already one of the finest and awesome looking cars on this planet.

8. BMW i3 Concept: Driven purely by electric power, it serves ts main purpose of an emission free mobility and sustainability. Being the World’s first premium electric vehicle, this car embodies an intelligent form of commuting in the urban areas. The design reveals the car’s qualities the first time you set eyes on it, as t is purely dynamic, stylish and attractive.

9.  Scion FR S Concept: It stands for “front-engine, rear-wheel-drive sport”. FR S’s design is apparently inspired from Toyota’s 2000GT. This car has a superb poise and balance without having to use too much of power. Being immensely light weighted, this model with sleek curves is totally eye catching and worth being called as one of the best luxury cars in the world.

10. Lexus 2011 LFA: Not the fastest, quickest or the powerful car, yet this car takes one into bewilderment with its exquisite design and the supreme driving experience it offers. Lightweight, powerful and balanced, its production is limited to only 500 models worldwide. It has a very clean, muscular and athletic look to it, making Lexus one of the most sought after cars in the world.



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