10 Eco-friendly Gift Suggestions

Presenting an eco-friendly gift to someone showcases one’s concern not only towards the person on the receiving end, but also for the environment. In this age of global warming, it is very important to find maximum possible ways to escape this trap. So, gifting somebody eco-friendly pieces could be your best foot forward towards helping for this cause. Nobody would obviously be so selfish that they wouldn’t really care about the future generations and keep utilising the little resources we now are left with. Capturing the same theme, let’s look at some eco-friendly gift suggestions.

1. “Grow-a-tree” Kit: Presenting somebody a “grow-a-tree” kit will be a gift he/she can cherish for life. A person who is fond of gardening or is a true-nature lover would be highly delighted to receive such a thoughtful gift.

2. Organic linens: Bed-sheets, comforters and pillows are an imperative possession of every household. So, gifting somebody soft and cosy organic linens would be a purposeful yet eco-friendly present.

3. Bicycle: If the receiver is a kid, giving a bicycle on his/her birthday will fill him with immense joy, serving the context of eco-friendliness hand in hand.

4. Solar powered gadget: Sunlight is an eternal source of power. Combining this and the power of love, in the form of a solar-powered gadget is an irrevocable and one of the most happiness filling gifts.

5. Jams and pickles: Homemade jams and pickles are an ultimate option when it comes to gifting on a common level; they are an ever likeable gift and worth cherishing. For pickle lovers, a blessing in disguise would be on their way in case this becomes your final selection.

6. Water Barrels: Get your loved ones rid of large water bills and subsequent tightening of the financial situation. Bestow a water barrel and make them happy souls.

7. Wooden frame: Make your friends travel in a journey of nostalgia by a handmade, customised wooden frame. A love-filled yet eco-friendly option of gifting your near and dear ones.

8.  Diaries: Diaries and notebooks made out of recycled paper is a notorious and sweet gift. And remember, it’s not re-gifting, it is re-cycling. Penning down the most memorable times spent together would be like another feather in the hat. Kick start!

9. Sneakers: People often complain about the excessive sweat problem by virtue of corresponding raw materials. Gifting somebody “no sweat” sneakers manufactured out of sustainably managed forests, would not just be complain-solving but also solving the environmental problems.

10. Recycled Glassware: Trendy and classy glassware inclusive of stylish wineglasses and platters carved out of recycled glass are a unique way to present a graceful gift. Such things being available in the market today have truly raised the bar of eco-friendly items around. Thanks to Globalisation.

There are a lot of other options one can think of when it comes to gifting something that’s purpose filling as well as eco-friendly in nature. The need of the hour is to simply interest our hearts and minds with such ideas and the rest takes the flow by itself. Ponder over the thought for a while and then get started for spreading happiness. So, put on your thinking caps quick!




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