10 Design Magazines of all Time

21st century is the world of creativity, innovations, ingenuity, latest trends and fashion; in nutshell we can call it world of ‘pioneering designs’. Latest designs in every field rule our lifestyle today and so it becomes quintessential part of our life to keep ourselves updated with the latest design trends and styles. It is crucial for especially those people who are professionally involved in any sectors dealing with designs like architecture, fashion, arts or graphic designing.

So to guide your way into the latest design trends, we have listed below some of the best and highly recommended design magazines of all time. These magazines are your paramount companions which will aid you to rule the realm of designs with latest knowledge and flairs.

1) Architectural Record Magazine
It gives you a powerful insight into the most recent and ground-breaking design ideas, inclusive of building science, technology innovations, design trends, business and professional strategies, information about new products and product reviews, assessment of chief issues, industry news and also reports on computer-aided practice.

2) How Magazine
If you are a graphic design professional, then How Magazine is your jackpot. It is a treasure guide to your business. It caters to the needs of professional graphic designers by aiding them with right business advice, technological tips, creative ideas, the innovative know- how behind a remarkable project and also enlists profiles of successful and influencing design professionals.

3) I.D Magazine
International Design magazine, voted as the best small magazine is a must forall classy readers who nurture the world with their designs. It encompasses everything from well exemplified articles, profiles and interviews to information about latest as well as upcoming exhibitions, conferences and competitions related to design.

4) Metropolis
Metropolis can be regarded as the king of all the design magazines. This magazine has a 360 approach towards designing our lives. It covers all the areas of design- interior design, product design, graphic design, industrial design, crafts, urban planning and preservation, thus making it the most sought-after design magazine.

5) Print
Print magazine is primarily targeted towards design professionals and gratifies their needs in every sense by notifying them about latest happenings in the field of advertising, graphic designing, corporate identity, book design, animations, rock posters, exhibitions, street art, television, film, computer aided designs, photography, illustrations, typographic design, packaging, rock posters and environmental  graphics.

6) Wallpaper
You name it and they have it. Wallpaper magazine is a perfect guide to latest designs and styles from around the globe. The Time Warner company magazine takes you on a roller coaster ride of international designs, arts, lifestyle, fashion, travel, interiors and cars, as you go through each page.

7) Form    
This magazine dominates when it comes to reviewing contemporary German designs.It is a bouquet of latest designs accompanied with articles, profiles, interviews, exhibition reviews of latest products, conference reports and what not.

8) Communication Arts
Communication Arts magazine has been grabbing the attention of graphic designers, art directors, design firm and everyone involved in visual communication for more than 50 years. The editorials, feature articles and new ideas published in CA are unparalleled.

9) Layers
Every page of Layers magazine takes you into a world full of secret Adobe techniques. It quenches the thirst of every professional as well as amateur designer by revealing to them the quick and easy techniques used in various designing software.

10) American Style Magazine
All the art-lovers out there, this is the most recommendable magazine for you people. It is a complete guide into the realm of contemporary craft in American Style. It is a perfect choice for art lovers, collectors, and travellers.



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